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About Us

A daily history of Allen County since 1867.
Our Philosophy: A newspaper builds a community by supporting its schools, city and county governments and the organizations that are dedicated to improving the civic and cultural environment, such as Iola Industries, Inc., Friends of the Bowlus, endowments of Allen County Community College, our local schools, and other similar citizen associations working for the benefit of all.

The Register also seeks to strengthen the area it serves by giving accurate and complete reports on local events, calling attention to the special accomplishments of its citizens, young and old, rich and poor, and serving as a forum for the discussion of civic issues. When controversies arise our philosophy requires us to report them as fully and as accurately as possible, without sensationalism or opinions.

The Register's editor's opinions are expressed on the editorial page and are always labeled and signed if they appear elsewhere. The purposes of Register editorials are sometimes to inform, sometimes to reflect on the human and natural scene, sometimes to persuade but never to dictate. The Register's pages are always open to civil discussion of public events from its readers and it is the obligation of each of us, regardless of our position on the Register staff, to answer causal critics with an invitation to express their own views in a letter to The Forum.

The Register can only accomplish its mission if the community trusts it to be fair and reliable. Our reputation for integrity and tolerance is our most precious asset.

Building our community since 1894

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