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LITE 'EM UP Fireworks


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Where you can LITE 'EM UP for your family's 4th of July celebration & you can LITE 'EM UP for ACARF!

Located just east of The Jump Start Travel Center!
Come on down and buy the best fireworks in Southeast, Kansas! Proceeds go to The Allen County Animal Rescue Facility

Larry and Virginia Macha took in their first stray dog about 10 years ago. Larry served on the board for the Allen County Animal Rescue Foundation (ACARF) at the time and was helping the group build its rescue facility.

Their granddaughter brought them a boxer-Labrador mix named Molly, along with a contract where she promised to teach the dog tricks and babysit if they would take the stray. They did.

Then came Daisy, a beagle rescued from a puppy mill. Remington, a big hound with numerous medical issues, came from ACARF.

''We just love animals. Especially Larry!'' Virginia said. ''We have three happy strays, all rescues, and we don't know what we would do without them.''

When ACARF hit a rough financial patch several years ago, the Machas wanted to help. ''It had to be a fundraiser where you could make enough money to make it worth doing,'' Virginia recalled.

She learned the City of Iola had made it legal to sell fireworks in the city limits and thought a charity fireworks stand would be the perfect solution. Macha Enterprises owned a building near the U.S. 54/169 interchange; it would be ideal for selling fireworks, Virginia thought. By using their own building, they'd have less overhead and therefore more profits to donate.


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