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INA Alert, Inc.

INA Alert, Inc.

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About Us

We are a woman owned small business that delivers premium technology that is traditionally only available in metro areas to rural communities across Kansas and neighboring states.
Positively impacting the rural communities, we serve by creating safe and secure facilities with our premium technology solutions.
We offer Camera Surveillance Systems, Access Control (Smart Door Controls), Text Alert Software, Nurse Call, VOIP Phone Systems, Computer Hardware, Private LTE Networks and Intercom systems. All integrated to work together for ease of use.

The INA Alert Surveillance systems utilize all the Internet of Things (IoT) has to offer. IP Network Cameras are configured to transmit across 3G/4G LTE cellular systems, 2.4/5 Hz Antennas, 900 MHz Antennas, as well as traditional network connections. The surveillance systems can be configured to work with a broad range of alarm triggers including smoke detectors, power outage alarms, H2S gas sensors, Passive IR motion detectors, thermostats, and much more. Solar power, mobile power, and standard power are used so that systems can be static, transportable, or function while mobile. Systems can also send text, snapshot, or Video clip notices when an event occurs, to as many recipients as desired.



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