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Plant Operations Manager

NOTE:  Applicants must submit an application through the hospital's website at  Click "Find A Job" and search by the Job Number listed below or scroll down to find the job(s) you are interested in and click "Apply Online."

Plant Operations Manager (Job Number: 8200-000827) 
Facilities Management Plant Ops & Security
Allen County Regional Hospital in Iola, Kansas

Plant Operations:

  1. Coordinates plant activities through planning with department managers to ensure objectives are accomplished in a timely and cost effective manner.
  2. Coordinates building space allocation and layout, communication services and facility expansion.
  3. Inspects construction and installation progress.
  4. Initiates planned maintenance programs for a variety of equipment.
  5. Develops an operating budget.
  6. Develops policies and procedures to ensure appropriate operation of the department.
  7. Implements cost effective systems of control over capital, operating expenditures, manpower, wages and salaries.  Controls and minimizes labor overtime and repair expenses.
  8. Establishes and monitors overall plant performance and quality standards.
  9. Maintains existing plant facilities and equipment: replaces or make adjustments to plant facilities and equipment when necessary.
  10. Provides leadership and training to accomplish the company goals and objectives.
  11. Implements and maintains preventative maintenance programs.
  12. Incorporates shop floor organization and plant cleanliness among plant personnel.
  13. Provides direction, development and leadership to staff.
  14. Maintains safe working conditions and practices in the unit.
  15. Maintains the interior and exterior of all buildings and grounds in all seasons.
  16. Ensures the performance, condition and reliability of all plumbing, mechanical and electrical equipment to ensure efficient operation.
  17. Responsible for interviewing, selection, training, performance evaluations, developing goals and developing procedures to ensure achievement of goals.
  18. Arranges for and manages appropriate third-party contractor support as needed.
  19. Assures that outside services are properly completed/supervised in accordance with contracts/work orders.
  20. Ensures all in-house work orders are completed in a timely manner.
  21. Is knowledgeable of and meets all EOC requirements.
Safety and Security:
  1. Prepares reports and records for facility.  Investigates and writes reports on accidents, incidents, suspicious activities, safety and fire hazards and other security related situations.
  2. Serves as the facility Safety Officer.
  3. Conducts required safety meetings and reported as required.
  4. Evaluates current procedures, practices and precedents for accomplishing company activities and functions relative to safety and security and coordinates such activities and functions.
  5. Identifies and resolves safety and security related problems.
  6. Develops and implements alternative methods for security operation improvement.
  7. Prepares annual budget as necessary.
  8. Orders supplies and equipment as needed.
  9. Develops preventative safety and security programs.
  10. Performs audits of safety and security related performance and conducts physical surveys of premise security, including identification of unsafe conditions.
  11. Conducts, supervises and prepares reports relating to internal investigations of any losses or violations of company regulations, policies and procedures. Develops, implements and manages safety and security training.
  12. Assists in preparation of emergency management and contingency planning.
  13. Serves as a liaison with public law enforcement, fire and other agencies as it relates to safety and security.
  14. Sets deadlines to ensure completion of operational safety and security functions.
Emergency Preparedness:
  1. Implements activities, training, processes and protocols related to the Emergency Preparedness Plan.
  2. Promotes and monitors Emergency Preparedness and HAZMAT safety.
  3. Responsible for procurement of products, supplies and equipment in a cost effective manner.
  4. Manages hazard surveillance and reports results at Safety Committee.
  5. Responsible for documentation of Emergency Preparedness activities as mandated by external regulatory agencies.
  6. Pursues growth through continuing education and inservices.
  7. Serves as a Subject Matter Expert on Emergency Preparedness, HAZMAT and technical operations.
  8. Provides information for Grants as needed.
  9. Participates in all drills specific to ACRH, ACR Clinics and Home Health/Hospice.
  10. Participates in community-wide drills.
  11. Attends community Emergency Preparedness meetings as appropriate, i.e. LEPC and HCC.

Minimum Requirements: (Educational and job experience requirements. Knowledge, skills, abilities)
  1. High School Diploma or Equivalent required.  Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  2. Two years’ experience in Plant Operations Management to include electrical, air conditioning and plumbing training in hospital, hotel or manufacturing plant. 
  3. Experience in Emergency Management preferred.

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